Why you should engage a Buyer’s Agent

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As a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne, the biggest question I get asked by home buyers is, “Is it the right time to purchase a property?” It’s pretty understandable, given what is currently all over the news; the unpredictable property market, the interest rate rises and high inflation. We’ve seen it. We’ve read it, and most importantly, we’ve experienced this downward trend; this is all part of the property cycle.

This is why it is imperative now more than ever to have a professional and experienced buyer’s agent in your corner to impart knowledge and guide you through the process to ensure you have all the information required and you make the right decisions during the home buying process.

But what is a buyer’s advocate/buyer’s agent?

A buyer’s advocate/buyer’s agent is an independent professional who is an expert in locating, evaluating, negotiating, and acquiring a property on behalf of a home buyer or property investor. The buyer’s agent/advocate solely represents the home buyer/investor in doing due diligence to guarantee a smooth and successful property purchase.

Here are some insights on why you should engage a buyer’s agent/advocate;

1. A buyer’s agent can be a huge time-saver.

Time is something you cannot buy. A buyer’s agent/advocate can attend the inspections and property analysis for you, which often leads to a more efficient result and faster outcome.

Homebuyers aren’t the only ones who are time-poor; investors can get extremely hectic too, and that’s fine. You might have several investment properties and can’t find the next one for your portfolio. That’s where a buyer’s advocate/agent can step in and provide a thorough service at your disposal.

2. A buyer’s agent saves you money.

Buying a property can be financially challenging, so having a buyer’s advocate/agent on your team allows you to make wise financial decisions and ensures that you don’t overpay for a property. A buyer’s advocate/agent scrutinises a property based on its market value and condition, proving beneficial in knowing if you’re overpaying.

3. A buyer’s agent has significant market resources.

Having a buyer’s advocate/agent opens a window of opportunity for a home buyer or investor as you can have access to pre or off-market properties and distressed properties. That way, you don’t necessarily rely on advertised properties only. An experienced buyer’s advocate/agent has numerous contacts from different real estate agencies, and that, my friend, is highly advantageous in finding the right property. It’s like another door of options that you will never see online.

4. A buyer’s agent is on neutral ground.

It’s a common scenario when a home buyer or investor gets emotionally involved in a property he/she inspected. A buyer’s advocate/agent will act as the logical body in your home-buying journey and assesses the property objectively to ascertain you make the right decision. The goal is to find a property that would tick most of the home buyer’s or investor’s preferences and needs. A buyer’s advocate/agent consistently puts your best interest at all times and sources the correct property in the right location with better prospects for capital growth and rental yield. The good news is we say NO to many more than we say YES to. We are picky and when spending our clients’ money, so we should be.

5. A buyer’s agent removes all the stress and pressure.

Having a buyer’s advocate/agent eliminates stress by having one representative looking after your needs rather than dealing with several different selling agents and chasing property updates on your own. A buyer’s advocate/agent will see everything through, from the property search, home & building inspections, and negotiations to the acquisition & settlement day.

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