We help simplify one of life’s most complicated and competitive decisions. Why? Because it's our job.

We are a Melbourne based buyers agency. We work exclusively for the buyer and specialise in buying Family Homes & investment properties in the inner ring of Melbourne, Bayside & The Mornington Peninsula.

At Industry Insider we do not try to be all things to all people. Our main aim is to help you the buyer, navigate one of the world's most competitive and complex property markets. It's all about quality research, and knowing experience makes the difference. When you work with our team you will gain access to pre and OFF-MARKET properties that are not listed online.

We know what we're talking about, and it leads to your success. Never complacent, we continue to learn, grow, and expand our capacity to help our clients.

Your Dream Home, Without The Nightmare.

We strategise, we execute and we deliver.

Families who are upsizing or relocating

This is a people business and high-level communication between all parties is pivotal. From the first move to moving in and beyond, we pride ourself on clear and cut-through dialogue, always. If it’s on the phone, online or off, no question or query goes unanswered.

Interstate and expat buyers

Buying a house without raising a finger. Whether it’s advice, direction, or a place for a glass of good wine, we’re supportive throughout. We can help you understand the best locations for your lifestyle and locate the most sought after properties in your price range.

First Time Buyers

It’s all about quality research, knowing your areas and knowing experience makes the difference. If it’s on the phone, online or off, no question or query goes unanswered. The insights, ideas, and strategies of an expert. And that’s money in the bank. Simple.


Purchasing an investment property is all about numbers. We discuss our four key pillars of property investment. Our team will help you save time by completing all the onerous tasks involved in purchasing an investment property.

Professional sportspeople

Competing at a national or international level while maintaining a sporting career can put a strain on certain areas of your life. Our buyers advocates can leverage your time and help you make smarter property decisions so that you can focus on your career.


Have the children flown the coop? Are you considering selling the family home and buying a smaller property? It's amazing how a carefully executed plan can remove all the stress involved.
reasons property is passed in at auction | Industry Insider


Buying a house at auction without raising a finger. We’ve studied the art of this ancient ritual and we can help you understand:

Buy before the auction proceeds -

The auctioneer -

The rules of a public auction in Melbourne

Buyer Agent bidding strategies and tactics

What you should do if the property is passed in

Discuss likely reserve prices, based on our intel

The increments should you be bidding in

Your rights as a bidder

We help you grasp the entire auction process so that you can make the most informed decisions and buy the family home of your dreams.

How are we different?

  • We are licensed and insured buyer's agents in Melbourne & are proud members of the REIV
  • We are members of Australia’s premier industry association for professional buyer’s agents in Melbourne.
  • Melbourne’s most positively reviewed Buyer Agents - Source Google Reviews 
  • We are passionate about helping people make smarter decisions.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our level of service, we will happily cancel our agreement & refund your money in full.
  • We understand the auction process and have years worth of experience and insider knowledge about the real estate arena.
  • We purchase more homes per month than the average buyer will purchase in a lifetime.
  • We are 100% independent and don't accept commissions from third parties.
  • We prioritise you, so you can get your priorities right.
  • Whether it’s advice, direction, or a place for a glass of good wine, we’re supportive throughout.
  • We talk with empathy, understanding, and sensitivity.

Buyer Beware - We Help with Due Diligence

When you are buying property in Melbourne, the sales agent and auctioneer will rarely disclose any issues the property may have. It's up to you to complete your own due diligence. Our trusted partners will help review the contract of sale and section 32. Assist with checking the zoning and proposed developments nearby that may negatively impact the value of your property. We also look over strata reports and assess any easements, covenants and caveats. We take care of all of this for you and will explain it in more detail over the phone or during our initial meeting via zoom.


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