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We understand the thrill of the hunt, and your desire for buying a property in Melbourne. It’s an exciting time looking for an or a new home or investment property, but sometimes you may need some extra advice or assistance when it comes to negotiating with a real estate agent. Having someone in your corner can help cut through any real estate jargon, and ensure you get the best outcome.

This is where having a real estate negotiator comes in handy. As your very own real estate coach, we can help you feel assured in making the best when you’re hunting for a property. We help simplify one of life’s most complicated and competitive decisions.


Real estate negotiations can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. It makes things even harder if a real estate agent doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Don’t worry, we do. 

Like any interview, it’s crucial that you go into the negotiation prepared with the relevant information, including:

  • Knowing the property and how it compares to similar properties nearby 
  • Knowing the area and what can decrease the property’s value (such as potential high-rise developments and high crime rate), or increase it (being close to shops and cafes, nearby public transport, schools or parks)
  • Avoiding any emotional connection to a property or any relevant decisions.

There’s lots of things to consider when engaging in a real estate negotiation and this is where our services can help make the whole process easier. 

We provide you with personable, professional and the most premium assistance to achieve your property goals. 


How many missed opportunities does it take to find a better way? With our real estate negotiators, you can go after homes based on your ideal needs, while utilising our professional advice. We can assist in negotiating the best price and your best outcome to save you from potentially overpaying on a property. 

This service is ideal if:

  • You’ve found your perfect property, but need our negotiators to help close the deal 
  • You wish to remain anonymous during the negotiation 
  • You want to remove any emotion from negotiations and let us complete your business with unbiased expert assistance
  • You want to make sure a real estate agent doesn’t take advantage of you
  • You might find the negotiation stressful and need some guidance to ensure the best outcome. 

The difference between moving in and moving on is all about how much you know. There can be a lot to process in a real estate negotiation and that’s when you might need someone to point out your best plan of attack.  

With our real estate negotiation services, we can provide the real estate coaching you need to secure your new home or investment property, for the best possible price and outcome. 

Working with certified buyer advocates

By working with Industry Insider, you have access to buyer advocates who are members of (REBAA). 

With REBAA serving as Australia’s premier national body for professional buyer’s agents, our team follows the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry. This means you’re provided with the best available service.  

Buying a property in Melbourne, although sometimes challenging, can be an exciting time – especially the initial part of searching for a home or investment property. 

Our real estate negotiation service allows you to focus on searching for your next home and feel confident in any meeting with a real estate agent. Make your property buying easier. 

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Who are we?

We live and breathe property. It’s everything that we do. And it comes across in the way we speak. We’re helping our clients succeed and we always do it with enthusiasm and a smile. Whether it’s advice, direction, or a place for a glass of good wine, we’re supportive throughout. We talk with empathy, understanding, and understand the importance of anonymity.

We’re dealing with an extremely important decision and we want you to know we care. From the first move to moving in and beyond. We know how to have fun but we also know that how we present plays a key role in your success.


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