March 2024

A family in front of their new house in Black Rock Melbourne

What It’s Like Living in Black Rock?

Gracefully lining the picturesque shores of Port Phillip Bay, the Melbourne suburb of Black Rock beckons with a unique blend of history, modern comforts, and natural splendour. It is located between Beaumaris to the southeast and Sandringham to the north. Black Rock’s Outdoor Fun Nature lovers will find solace in

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house frontage in Malvern Melbourne

Malvern Suburb Profile: What Makes Malvern a Dynamic Hub

Perched in the southeastern expanse of Melbourne, Malvern beckons as a living canvas painted with the threads of history, the pulse of a vibrant community, and the modern comforts that grace the suburb. From its captivating past to its bustling present, Malvern unfolds a wealth of experiences for its residents.

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