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We bought our first home with the buyer advocacy services of through Industry Insider.

We decided to use Andrew as we were struggling to buy our first home due to lack of experience, knowledge and support.

Throughout the three months we worked with Andrew, we found him to be very approachable, knowledgeable and honest. He made buying our first home a stress-free experience and saved us money.

Andrew is very approachable – we could ring, text and email him at any time or day of the week, and we always received a prompt response. He was also prompt in his actions; property inspections were arranged very quickly, and we had our building and pest inspection completed within 24 hours of seeing a property we wanted to put an offer on.

His knowledge in real estate is second to none. The fact that he has worked as an estate agent in the past means he understands what vendors have to go through to sell their home, how agents market homes they are selling and how to negotiate. Because he knows the market inside out it gives you, the purchaser, the best chance of buying at a good price.

His experience in real estate also means he has many real estate contacts, which meant we were able to see homes privately before they went to market and, if appropriate, we could provide an offer to the vendor and potentially avoid going to auction; this was how we bought our first house.

Andrew was very realistic and honest with us. If we saw a property, no matter how much we liked it, he would honestly say if it was going to be out of our budget or if it was not in a good location or not positioned well on the block etc. Because of this, we didn’t waste time thinking about a property and didn’t get emotionally attached.

It was because Andrew did the work for us – arranging the inspections, liaising with the selling agent, negotiating on our behalf and organising his own building and pest inspectors and conveyancer – that we saved money. We didn’t have to pay for multiple building and pest inspections on properties that realistically weren’t appropriate for us, and we bought privately before it went to auction.

We can confidently say that without Andrew we would not have gotten the house we are lucky enough to call our first home.

Alana & Matt Bowker

Alana & Matt Bowker, first home buyers, St Kilda

I was recently looking at buying an investment property in Melbourne. I decided to employ Andrew Date as my buyers agent.

From our first conversation, I could see the tremendous value that Andrew could offer through his knowledge of the market and his contacts in the Melbourne market place.

Andrew showed me through seven properties in total before we found a property with a land component of 1000sqm and future development potential.

There was competition from other buyers at the time; however, with Andrew on my side, negotiating and completing the due diligence, I was able to secure a great investment property.

I highly recommend Andrew for anyone who is looking to purchase either their first home or an investment property. Andrew was able to save me time and he knows the market.

Thanks once again, Andrew.

Wendy Pike, investor, Sydney

I first heard about the services of Industry Insider through a friend I do business with. I was looking to buy a larger family home and as soon as I found the property I wanted, I needed to place my home on the market. I was searching for property by myself but really didn’t understand the value of the property I was looking to purchase. I didn’t want to overpay for a property.

After deciding to employ Andrew, it was evident that his professionalism and knowledge of the real estate arena was going to make buying and selling a lot smoother than if I did it on my own.

I purchased a home in Mt Eliza on an acre of land with bay views, it is absolutely perfect for my family, and we are excited to be moving into the property. While we purchased, Andrew was able to select the best agent to help me sell my home. This was all completed off-market with no advertising, saving me time and money.

I highly recommend Andrew’s services as a vendor and buyers agent.

James Lehane, Melbourne

We were looking to buy our first home and really had no idea about how the real estate market actually works. After some research, we decided to employ Andrew Date as our buyers agent.

We understand Andrew has a lot of connections in the real estate industry, and we also could see great value in his expertise of current market conditions and what we should be looking for in a property.

Andrew inspected 23 properties before we found the property we eventually purchased. The seller wanted more than we were willing to pay. Andrew used his negotiating skills and knowledge to actually purchase the property well under our budget and below what the seller wanted to achieve.

I highly recommend Andrew for anyone who is looking to maximise their purchase and minimise their risk when buying property.

Thanks, Andrew, your advice and guidance was just what we needed.

Bikash Dangol, first home buyer, Melbourne

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