We know that buying a property isn’t the end of the journey – for many it can be just the beginning. When you’re buying an investment property in Melbourne, it helps to stay on top of the situation. Through our personable and premium property management services, we make sure to answer any question or query you may have.

While other property management providers might be reactive to potential issues, we pride ourselves on seeing problems before they happen, to give you as little stress as possible.



Shorter periods of vacancy

Having your property vacant for long periods of time can damage its value. This is where we can help make sure this doesn’t happen. 

We do this by performing any necessary property improvements quickly and efficiently to maximise your revenue. With a property manager by your side, we can also set an optimal rent rate that isn’t too high or too low, based off our knowledge of the area and real-estate market. 

High-quality and long-term tenants

Having poor tenants can be highly detrimental to your property’s value. With a property manager on your side, potential tenants will go through a detailed screening process. By doing so, your property has tenants that pay on time, for long-term periods and don’t cause issues to your property. 

It also means you can avoid any potential rental scams or time-consuming lawsuits around discrimination, with property managers adept in preventing these issues before they happen.  

Lower maintenance and repair costs

With a property manager, you have access to the highest quality of professional maintenance, calling on a network of contractors with a wealth of experience.  

Rather than having to chase up tradespeople and make dozens of phone calls, our property management can find you the best people for the job, quite often at a discount.


Assess and monitor with advanced software

With our latest cloud-based software, we’re able to stay on top of all of queries in relation to your property. This involves us proactively marketing each property with the right strategies and getting your property in front of the right audience.
Our software also allows us to assess and find you the best tenants, and importantly reduce the time your property sits vacant.
Our team knows that the key to maintaining and improving a property’s value is not reacting, but having the awareness for preventive maintenance.

We conduct regular maintenance checks

With personable and professional property management, you have the peace of mind that your investment property:

  • Operates smoothly
  • Preserves or increases its value
  • Maintains its appearance. 

This means we conduct regular property checks and inspections, keeping detailed documentation on any potential upgrades or modifications that may be required. 

With our personable and premium service at your disposal, you can maintain your property and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This will help cause you less stress and access more revenue from your investment property. 

Our Team

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Who are we?

We live and breathe property. It’s everything that we do. And it comes across in the way we speak. We’re helping our clients succeed and we always do it with enthusiasm and a smile. Whether it’s advice, direction, or a place for a glass of good wine, we’re supportive throughout. We talk with empathy, understanding, and understand the importance of anonymity.

We’re dealing with an extremely important decision and we want you to know we care. From the first move to moving in and beyond. We know how to have fun but we also know that how we present plays a key role in your success.


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