We understand that buying your first home is not easy.

Sales agents and auctioneers work for the seller! They are paid a commission in order to maximise the sale price for their client seller These agents are highly trained professionals that sell between 2-10 properties a month depending on how skilled they are. The top performing sales agents in Australia earn more money than highly educated and trained Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers & other well paid professionals.

With highly trained and well paid Sales Agents, representing the seller. Doesn’t it make sense that you as the Buyer have a professional on your side?

Well that’s exactly why we exist, we help simplify one of life’s most complicated and competitive decisions. We level the playing field and not only will you save time, but we also get you access to the best deals possible, both on and off-market.

As a buyer agent – our service can help you clarify, locate, evaluate and complete purchases with the highest level of research. We take care of all the leg work involved with buying a home, such as research, preparations and negotiation, so you get to buy your dream home, without the nightmares.

Why use Industry Insider when buying your first home?

We live and breathe property. It’s everything that we do. And it comes across in the way we speak. We’re helping people succeed and we always do it with enthusiasm and a smile. It’s worth while googling our business and checking out our reviews.

Saving money on your property can be possible when you bring on the knowledge and work ethic of our buyer advocates. We put in the groundwork to make sure you’re not overpaying for a property, negotiating with vendors to see through any tricks they might try on you.

On auction day we take the emotion out of the bidding process, so you never over spend. We will take you through the auction bidding process step-by-step. Just think you can buy a house at auction without even raising a finger.


When you engage Industry Insider, you also have access to our trusted professionals that help with the buying process.

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Building & Pest Inspector


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Licensed Conveyancer


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Business support 


Finding excellent tradespeople & service providers, is like finding a gold nugget. We have gold Nuggets!

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Andrew Date

Founder & Buyer Agent


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Our Blog

Avoid the $70,000 Mistake First Home Buyers Often make.

1 – Listening to friends or family that have not bought property before. You need to seek advice from people who have actual on the ground experience in the area you want to buy. Independent & local Buyer Agents or Buyer Advocates, can be an excellent starting point. Especially if they have built a portfolio of properties and have results that prove they are experts. When interviewing a professional, ask for experience.

2 – Not identifying your Borrowing Capacity. A strategic Mortgage Broker will be able to help you understand your borrowing capacity. You need to understand what the repayments are and what the next 2-3 years look like for you from a lifestyle and financial point of view. Once you know this, then you should start researching the type of asset class and location that is the best fit for you.

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In The News

Sight-unseen sales a COVID-19 trend, LA buyers deal in Northcote.

An expat couple secured a Northcote warehouse conversion in an off-market sale while still living in the US.

The pair picked up 3/6 Westfield St for $1.11m in a sale style that has flourished during the coronavirus lockdown.

“They bought their home from the comfort of their lounge room in America,” Industry Insider director Andrew Date said.

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Having someone in your corner can help cut through all of the real estate jargon, and ensure you achieve the best outcome.