Why do school zones add value to a suburb?

Beaumaris Secondary College | how public school zones add value to a suburb

Whenever house hunting for our buyer advocate clients, we put a lot of things into account. Majority of buyers want to be close to cafes, parks, and public transport. Whilst families want a property in a sought after school zone close to parks, playgrounds, cafes, and the amenities.

As buyer’s advocates in Melbourne, we have seen immense changes over the years, properties located in school catchments have become more attractive and sought-after. But why? Let’s keep in mind that education has long been considered an investment, not only for families but also for young couples who want to start a family in the future. Purchasing an investment-grade house or buying the right property in a sought-after school zone will lead to an increased demand when selling and higher long-term growth prospects.

According to the data gathered by Domain.com, house prices in Melbourne have risen in most school zones up to 83% of primary and 89% of secondary schools, aligning with the rising property market as of the year 2020-2021.

The median sale price of houses within the school zone of Richmond Primary School is $1,842,500 with a 39.6% increase rate as of 2021 compared to 2019-2020.

Click this link to learn the top 10 school zones for house price growth in Melbourne and other capitals in Australia as of 2021;


Top 10 Melbourne Secondary School catchment areas:

 School NameMedianYOY 
1Diamond Valley College$990,000+33.2%View Catchments
2St. Helena Secondary College$1,077,500+25.5%View Catchments
3Edgars Creek Secondary College$595,000+25.3%View Catchments
4Werribee Secondary College$587,000+24.9%View Catchments
5Mount Erin Secondary College$787,500+23.0%View Catchments
6Craigieburn Secondary College$615,000+22.9%View Catchments
7Cranbourne East Secondary College$600,000+22.7%View Catchments
8Beaumaris Secondary College$1,765,000+21.7%View Catchments
9Roxburgh College$614,500+19.3%View Catchments
10Epping Secondary College$595,000+19.0%View Catchments

Source: Domain.com 

Top 10 Melbourne Primary School catchment areas:

  School Name  Median YOY 
1Richmond Primary School$1,842,500+39.6%View Catchments
2Heidelberg Primary School$1,510,000+36.7%View Catchments
3Valkstone Primary School$1,726,000+35.4%View Catchments
4Glen Waverley Primary School$1,881,944+33.0%View Catchments
5Surrey Hills Primary School$2,040,000+29.9%View Catchments
6Pakenham Lakeside Primary School$626,500+29.2%View Catchments
7Clayton South Primary School$978,100+26.9%View Catchments
8Williamstown North Primary School$1,525,000+26.8%View Catchments
9Preston Primary School$1,100,000+25.7%View Catchments
10Cheltenham Primary School$1,196,000+25.6%View Catchments

Source: Domain.com 

When buying a property in Melbourne, don’t think of cost but rather think of value.

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