Discovering the Charm of Hawthorn East

In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Hawthorn East is a hidden gem offering a delightful blend of history, modernity, and natural beauty. This picturesque suburb is steeped in history and boasts excellent transportation, a thriving dining scene, lush parks, renowned schools, and a bustling real estate market.

This blog will take you through Hawthorn East, showcasing its unique characteristics and attractions.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces in Hawthorn East

Anderson Park in Hawthorn East Melbourne

Hawthorn East’s natural beauty is reflected in its lush parks and outdoor spaces, providing opportunities for leisure and recreation. Explore the greenery with these sources:

  1. Cato Park: A serene, family-friendly park with picnic areas and a playground. 
  2. Anderson Park: A beautiful, open space perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. 
  3. Fritsch Holzer Park: Take a stroll around the gravel walking track, have a picnic or join the many locals who walk their dogs through this popular native setting. 

History of Hawthorn East

Like many Melbourne suburbs, Hawthorn East has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. The Wurundjeri people originally inhabited it and later became a part of the thriving Hawthorn municipality. Some key historical landmarks and sources to explore its history include:

  1. Anderson Park: This historic park was established in the 1860s and offers a glimpse into Hawthorn East’s past with its beautifully preserved gardens and heritage-listed buildings.
  2. Glenferrie Road: Stroll down Glenferrie Road, where Victorian-era architecture and heritage-listed buildings reflect the suburb’s history. (Victorian Heritage Database)

Transportation in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East is well-connected with Melbourne’s extensive transportation network, making it easy to access the city centre and surrounding areas. Sources to understand the transportation options include:

  1. Train: The suburb is serviced by the Glenferrie Train Station, part of the Belgrave and Lilydale lines, providing quick and efficient access to the CBD. (Source: Metro Trains Melbourne)
  2. Trams: The 75 and 70 tram routes offer convenient transportation options for residents and visitors. (Source: Yarra Trams)

Dining Experience & Famous Cafes in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East offers a diverse culinary scene with a multitude of cafes and restaurants to choose from. Discover delectable dining experiences and renowned cafes as suggested below:

Juliette Coffee & Bread Hawthorn East
Blood Orange Foodstore
Light Years Cafe
Rumour Has It
Cafe Paradiso

School Catchments in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East is renowned for its excellent educational facilities. Parents can find quality schools in the area, including:

Auburn Primary School
Auburn South Primary School
Auburn High School
Swinburne Senior Secondary College-Camberwell Road Campus
Alia College

Real Estate in Hawthorn East

Hawthorn East’s real estate market is dynamic, with various housing options. Hawthorn East currently has a median price of $2,500,000 for houses and $600,000 for units. Stay informed about property trends with reputable sources like: This website offers a comprehensive list of properties for sale and rent in Hawthorn East. 

Domain: This is another popular platform to explore the area’s real estate listings and trends. 

Here are two properties that have SOLD in Hawthorn East that are of high quality for the area.

6 Bethune Street, Hawthorn East 3123

19 Beaconsfield Road, Hawthorn East 3123

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In conclusion, Hawthorn East is a unique suburb in Melbourne that beautifully combines its historic charm with modern amenities, making it an attractive place to live and visit. This blog provides valuable insights into the suburb’s history, transportation, dining options, outdoor spaces, schools, and real estate, helping you uncover all these delightful area offers.

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