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For many, buying a home is one of the most stressful periods in your life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We simplify one of life’s most complicated and competitive decisions. Why? Because it’s our job.

At Industry Insider, our buyer advocates are passionate property buying professionals who handle everything from finding to evaluating and negotiating the purchase of your dream home without any nightmares. We not only save you time, but we also get you access to the best deals possible, both on and off-market.


Our buyer advocate – also known as a buyer agent – service can help you clarify, locate, evaluate and complete purchases with the highest level of research. We take care of all the leg work involved with buying a home, such as research, preparations and negotiation, so you get to buy your dream home, without the nightmares. 

We’re passionate at home buying and helping you find your next property, to live or invest in.



You save time

A buyer advocate can save you time. And lots of it. For many, sitting in traffic or hopping from house-to-house on the weekend (with kids in tow) isn’t too much fun. Call us crazy, but at Industry Insider we’re passionate about every bit of the property buying process. We live and breathe property. It’s everything that we do. And it comes across in the way we speak. We’re helping people succeed and we always do it with enthusiasm and a smile.

We also know that homebuyers aren’t the only ones who are time poor; investors can get really busy too, and that’s ok. You might have a number of investment properties and can’t keep track of a new one. That’s where we can step in and provide a personable buyer’s agent at your disposal. If you’re an investor, our buyer advocate fees are tax-deductible. 


You save money

Saving money on your property can be possible when you bring on the knowledge and work ethic of our buyer advocates. We put in the groundwork to make sure you’re not overpaying for a property, negotiating with vendors to see through any tricks they might try on you. 

Importantly, on auction day we take the emotion out of the bidding process, so you never overreach. We will take you through the auction bidding process step-by-step. Just think you can buy a house at auction without even raising a finger.


You get your dream home without the Nightmares

We know that everyone looks for something different in a property, so our buyer’s agents listen to your exact requirements and look for the best homes that fit your needs. There’s no cookie-cutter approach for buying a home; we pride ourselves on achieving your unique goals. 

Throughout the entire process, we keep in constant communication to deliver the best options and rationale in a concise manner, with minimal paperwork. We know that buying a property is a big decision, and we take pride in making sure you have made the right one with our buyer advocate service. 



Our end-to-end complete buyer advocate service is ideal if:

  • You have limited time to inspect and research to locate your dream property in Melbourne
  • You are unfamiliar with all the different suburbs of Melbourne and what you can afford based on your borrowing capacity
  • You are a property investor and you’d like an expert to manage the process on your behalf 
  • You’re just getting into the property market and would like some guidance.
  • You need advice, direction, or a place for a good wine, we’re supportive throughout. We talk with empathy, understanding, and sensitivity.

Below we unpack our six-step buyer advocate process, which helps take care of buying your home or investment property, from start to finish. Each step has finer details that we go into during our initial face-to-face meeting, or over the phone. We simplify one of life’s most complicated and competitive decisions and let you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Need reassurance we can help you? Read our Google Reviews online. 


  • We ask you what you’re looking for in a home, and what’s important to you
  • We focus your search and prioritise your specific criteria
  • We can help work through your wish list and make sure that if you’re buying as a couple or family that you’re all on the same page.

We locate your dream home

  • We use our trusted network to search for potential properties that fit your specific needs (including pre and off-market opportunities)
  • Then, we shortlist your most suitable options

We actively evaluate the next step

  • We evaluate properties based on four key factors: location, orientation condition and competition
  • After our objective valuation, we provide you with a detailed report that gives you every property detail you need to make an informed decision.

We do our due diligence for your peace of mind 

  • We review the contract of sale to ensure everything meets your requirements
  • After contacting local council for further information, we continue our due diligence with building and pest inspections. We take care of every minute detail to get your property right.

We help you negotiate the best outcome

  • An important part of buying a property, we find out what the vendor wants 
  • We then negotiate the best price, along with terms and conditions on your behalf
  • We attend the auction and bid on your behalf, as well as complete post-auction negotiations if the property passes in.

Finally, we help with settlement

  • After a successful auction, we then talk with the respective legal teams
  • Lastly, we undertake a final inspection to ensure you have your dream home or investment property.

Working with a certified buyer advocate


By working with Industry Insider, you have access to buyer advocates who are members of the REBAA.

With REBAA serving as Australia’s premier national body for professional buyer’s agents, our team follow the highest professional and ethical standards in the industry, providing you with the best available service. 

Do you live a busy life, run a busy company, or are busy with family? Everyone knows that we’re living in a time-poor society. Secure your dream home or investment property without the nightmare, and successfully buy your next home in Melbourne with Industry Insider. 

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Who are we?

We live and breathe property. It’s everything that we do. And it comes across in the way we speak. We’re helping our clients succeed and we always do it with enthusiasm and a smile. Whether it’s advice, direction, or a place for a glass of good wine, we’re supportive throughout. We talk with empathy, understanding, and understand the importance of anonymity.

We’re dealing with an extremely important decision and we want you to know we care. From the first move to moving in and beyond. We know how to have fun but we also know that how we present plays a key role in your success.


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