A buyer's advocate standing next to a sold house

Tips on How to Buy Well in a Buyer’s Market

With the constant inflation and high-interest rates in Australia this year, many aspiring homebuyers are turning sceptical as to whether they should purchase a property in the current cooling market or play a waiting game until the economy shows stability again. In real estate, situations change like the seasons, and

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Clients purchased a house in Hampton Australia with the help of a buyer agent at Industry Insider

The lag effect and how it pays to be on the ground!

The lag effect is the potential ineffectiveness of fiscal policy due to the time it takes to recognise an issue, implement the appropriate approach, and affect the economy. The March 2022 qtr inflation data highlighted a 5.1% figure that shocked many and led to the Reserve Bank of Australia raising

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Beaumaris Secondary College | how public school zones add value to a suburb

Why do school zones add value to a suburb?

Whenever house hunting for our buyer advocate clients, we put a lot of things into account. Majority of buyers want to be close to cafes, parks, and public transport. Whilst families want a property in a sought after school zone close to parks, playgrounds, cafes, and the amenities. As buyer’s

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small backyard in Prahran Melbourne

5 ways to revamp a small backyard

As buyers’ advocates in Melbourne, one of the most common must-haves that our clients always tell us is a spacious backyard. With the right budget, this is attainable however with a limited one, it can be quite tricky. When a property is in a great location, within your price range,

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What is Feng Shui?

As buyer agents we have all heard about Feng Shui from clients, our friends, families, colleagues, or acquaintances whether it be a passing topic for conversation or a deep-thought discussion amongst peers. However, what exactly is Feng Shui? Why do some home buyers or even homeowners exercise this practice when

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A Guide to the Auction Reserve Price

What is an Auction Reserve Price? The auction reserve price is typically set 48 hours before the auction. The sales agent and auctioneer will meet with the vendor over zoom or face to face and talk about the campaign. The auction reserve price is set based on feedback from the

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Sold your home and haven’t found a new home yet?

Selling and buying property is a juggling act. The emotions are high, uncertainty sets in, and it can be overwhelming. When the real estate market is booming, and you wish to upsize or downsize, the choices can be few and far between.Many people sell their house before buying so they know

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