The Insider’s Guide to Buying Property in Australia from Interstate or Overseas

Taiwan-based clients in front of their new home in Melbourne

As much as I played a role in securing a NEWLY-BUILT FAMILY HOME POST-AUCTION for our Taiwan-based client, technology played an essential part in the acquisition. It allowed the purchase to take place seamlessly. Curious about how we got it done?

Here is a walkthrough of how we purchased our client’s dream home while overseas;


Michael found us with help from a past client. His son enrolled in one of the well-known schools in Melbourne, so he was looking for a property to reside close to it. Michael initially planned to visit Melbourne to look for a property but decided to hire someone to do it for him instead. 

A former client handed him our details, and with the assistance of GOOGLE, he researched our company and found our website. And what a convenient way to learn more about our services, not to mention our GOOGLE REVIEWS


He emailed us, and then one of my team members emailed him our Buyer’s Advocate information. Afterwards, he seamlessly arranged a ZOOM meeting via our CALENDLY LINK in which we presented our value proposition, our buying process, and our fees. This meeting typically takes between 30-60 minutes.


After our Zoom call, the team sent our Buyer’s Authority Agreement via DOCU SIGN,  wherein he was able to digitally review, sign and initial all from the comfort of his home in Taiwan. Once he paid our engagement fee and signed our digital agreement, our team immediately stepped into action. 

STEP 4  

My team and I quickly formulated the buyer’s brief and listed the top 15 active agents in Michael’s preferred suburbs. This process made the property search efficient and time-saving. Moreover, as our primary means of communication, we set up a WHATSAPP GROUP with him to make communications quick and convenient despite the distance!


As buyer agents in Melbourne, we also look for options on major online platforms like & However, as buyer agents, we open up a new world of possibilities for our buyers. 

Because of my 12-year professional experience in Real Estate, I’ve built a reliable network of trusted relationships with sales agents. Through this time and relationships, we search for properties coming to market (PRE MARKET). To further our reach, we also search for properties that are not listed online (OFF MARKET). 33% of our acquisitions have been OFF MARKET! Less publicity, less competition!


We virtually assessed six online listings and found another two OFF-MARKET opportunities for Michael. And then, after analysing the properties, we sent out the properties’ details that we thought matched Michael’s buyer brief. All done with the help of WhatsApp

Afterwards, Michael gave us his point of view and the “GO” signal to inspect the two homes he really liked. My team then requested access to these properties with the agents. After the property inspections, I took photos via my mobile phone (iPhone 12 Pro) in addition to video walkthroughs and then sent them to Micheal via WhatsApp. 

Together with the photos and videos, I provided him with an outline of the Pros and Cons of the properties based on my inspections. This list is crucial as it highlights everything our clients need to know about the property and provides details when we set a property value.


After choosing his ideal home, comes due diligence. We managed the due diligence on his behalf. We have been fortunate to build a great team of professionals around us. 

It starts with our legal counsel, James Tong & Armanda Lahari from First Class Legal are our chosen counsels. They review the contract of sale and section 32 and then they give counsel to our clients to ensure there are no nasty clauses or special conditions in the contract.

From the legal counsel, we then arrange a building and pest inspection. Tim Browne from TSB Inspections is our building inspector. Also, he is one of the best in the business. After his examination, Tim called our client on WhatsApp. Then he provided a detailed over-the-phone review and a 49-page report containing photos and results of his time at the property. 


Negotiate; this is that “one place” where a Buyers Agent’s value starts to shine. Firstly, the first part of the negotiations is to understand the competition. Secondly, to understand the offer process. Thirdly, to seal the deal for the best possible price.

Our client, Michael, signed contracts on 5th December 22 via Docu Sign. That’s only six days from when he gave us the authority to purchase a property. He bought the property for far lesser than he expected to pay! We saved him thousands of Australian $$$ on his dream property in Melbourne, Australia!

The sales agent then notified us that we were successful.


Michael and his family came to Melbourne last December not to buy a property but to view his newly acquired dream home. He enjoyed his 2-week vacation stress-free. We also arranged for our client’s brand-new car to arrive at the property before settlement.

As a buyer agent, my role is to help you understand the actual market value of a property to ensure you pay the appropriate amount, facilitate the due diligence, weigh up market sentiment, consider the competition and navigate the risks associated with the acquisition. 

The sales agent’s role is to maximise the best price possible for the seller! Top-performing real estate agents in Australia often earn more than Doctors, lawyers, and other highly regarded occupations requiring years of education. Like all industries, the best sales agents are excellent. Their boutique office franchises pay professional trainers large amounts of money to refine and hone their skills. But remember, they work for the seller, not you, the buyer!

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