Beyond the CBD: Wandering into the Heart of Malvern East

Buyer advocate celebrating with his clients in Malvern East Melbourne

Located in the inner southeast of Melbourne, Malvern East is a residential suburb about half the area of the former Malvern city.

Considered a pic suburb, Malvern East is what many young family dreams of. It’s a neighbourhood that has maintained its village-like essence, appealing character and opulence.

A suburb favoured due to its larger blocks, exclusivity, boutique shopping, spectacular restaurants, leafy parklands, well-trimmed gardens and friendly community. A handful of well-known schools attract families to the area, along with the accessible commute into the CBD – but it’s the lifestyle that makes them stay.

For commuters to the CBD, this suburb services a variety of transportation alternatives, including the Darling and East Malvern railway stations. And if you prefer to commute by bike, Malvern East has a community bike path along Gardiners Creek, which connects the Greater Melbourne network of bike paths.

Here are some well-known schools in Malvern East;

Malvern Primary School (photo used)
Lloyd Street Primary School
Malvern Valley Primary School
The Currajong School
St. Mary’s School
De La Salle College – Holy Eucharist Campus


Are you looking for a brunch spot? Head to Mister Sister Café and select from the menu of food and beverages.

Another popular establishment is Riserva Wine, a beloved Malvern East destination cherished for its elegant European-inspired ambience, extensive wine selection, and delightful menu offerings.

Meanwhile, if you’re searching for a wellness studio, The Habitat Space is right up your alley. It offers almost everything from yoga to reformer Pilates, barre to HIIT and circuit; there is something for everybody. (Photo used)

On a side note, Little Miss Audrey is a beloved local Malvern East boutique curated by owner Vivian Paget. It features a stunning collection of hand-picked Australian brands, emphasizing support for local labels. A visit to Little Miss Audrey is a must for any shopping enthusiast in the area.  

Meanwhile, the suburb boasts one golf course – Malvern Valley Public Golf Course. Placed in peaceful surroundings, it is a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city, especially for golf enthusiasts.

Furthermore, if you are itching to go for a stroll or go outside and breathe some fresh air,  Malvern East has some fantastic parks like; Central Park, Ardrie Park, Dairy Park, and Peverill Park, to name a few.

Malvern East’s properties are wonderfully appealing, with captivating heritage houses, graceful bungalows, and grand period homes. They are nestled along picturesque tree-lined backroads, adorned with white picket fences and meticulously maintained gardens.

Here are a couple of the finest family homes that have SOLD.

8 Finch Street, Malvern East, 3145

56 MacGregor Street, Malvern East, 3145

Overall, Malvern East is a prized location for any homebuyer seeking excitement and serenity. It offers a strong sense of community and a high-calibre lifestyle.

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