5 ways to revamp a small backyard

small backyard in Prahran Melbourne

As buyers’ advocates in Melbourne, one of the most common must-haves that our clients always tell us is a spacious backyard. With the right budget, this is attainable however with a limited one, it can be quite tricky. When a property is in a great location, within your price range, and accessible to almost everything but the downside is the small backyard, you might want to consider maximising the area instead of turning a blind eye to a potential home. Here are some things you can do to optimise it.

#1 Aim for a simple look
Contemplating an outdoor design? Always bear in mind to keep it at a minimum. Add plants and flowers vertically to create additional space and to make the area roomier. Don’t put too many plants in the backyard as it would only produce a cluttered appearance. Remember, your backyard is not a jungle.

#2 Smart plant options
Given the minimal space, container plantings would best suit a small backyard setting. Divert from picking too many varieties of plants and just pick out your favourites. Plants that grow 2 to 3 feet tall would be perfect for blocking the view from the outside world and don’t forget to position them against the wall or fence.

#3 Avoid bulky furniture
If you want to put a patio table and chairs or a built-in bench, try to place them against the wall or fence to make use of the privacy. Having your patio area on either corner gives it a more spacious ambience.

#4 Cosy lighting landscape
Having lighting installed in your backyard could make a huge difference in the surroundings. Not only would it create a warm and cosy glow during nighttime, but it would make your backyard appear wider than it is. You don’t necessarily need to expend a lot of money to achieve this, you can opt for cost-friendly outdoor lighting like stake lights, solar lights, or garden lamp lights to name a few. Then, fashion them around your small backyard close to your plants against the wall or fence so they won’t take too much space.

#5 Be imaginative
Your backyard, your rules. You can design it whichever way you want. Try to envision the backyard you want to achieve. Always remember, no matter how small an area is, anything is possible as long as you keep an open mind.

Here is an example of a property we bought for our buyer advocate clients in Prahran Melbourne.


The deep paved courtyard with a remote cafe awning provides ample space for entertaining. The services of the property have been carefully covered by the timber screens, to soften the area. The olive trees line the fence to create a sense of privacy. We really like the large bluestone pavers, the larger the paver, the larger the area will feel.

As buyer agents in Melbourne, we are aware of our clients’ preferences and criteria in choosing their dream home. This information is compiled to provide further alternatives to our clients and audience.

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