Why using a Buyer’s Agent when buying a property can be helpful

Buyer's agent and three happy people standing in front of sold sign

Everyone knows that buying a property takes a significant amount of time, energy, and of course, paperwork. Having a professional on your side in the form of a buyer’s agent (also known as a buyer’s advocate) can make a huge difference.

While many types of buyers already use a buyer’s agent, how do you know if it’s the right option for you? We look into the top reasons for using a buyer’s advocate to help you decide.

A Buyer’s Agent save you time and energy

You might not realise just how much time goes into buying a property. From trawling through property listings to doing suburb research, a buyer’s advocate can ensure you don’t have to give up all your weekends to house hunting.

This can be particularly helpful if you’re an investor or looking to move interstate.

A Buyer’s Advocate can save you money, extra fees and costs

An experienced buyer’s advocate knows how much a property is truly worth, and how to get you the best deal possible. Whether that’s taking the reins at an auction or negotiating a private sale, they can often get you a better price than you could on your own.

But hold on, what about the cost of hiring a buyer’s agent? Isn’t that counterintuitive to using one to save money in the first place? Not necessarily. Yes, there are fees associated with bringing in a professional. But the money they can potentially save you (not to mention the time, energy, and everything else on this list) often outweighs that price outlay.

Finding an experienced Buyer’s Agent can help you in many ways

One of the main advantages of using a professional for anything is, of course, benefiting from their expertise. There are a lot of elements involved in buying a property, and a buyer advocate’s experience can really help.

That includes things like having those uncomfortable but necessary conversations with the seller/agent, applying local insights to house hunting, leveraging their network for a better deal, and of course handling that fun paperwork.

Buying a property can be an emotional experience

Ever made an emotional purchase? It’s one thing to drop some cash on clothes you swear you’ll wear, but it’s another to buy a property purely driven by how it makes you feel.

You should definitely be excited about your potential new home or investment. But if the property is all wrong for you, letting your heart rule over your head could land you in hot water.

A buyer’s agent can bring a level of emotional detachment to help guide you towards a purchase that works for your needs (and wants), without going overboard.

Finding the right buyer’s agent

All of the advantages in the world are obviously only useful if you find the right buyer’s advocate. It’s important that you partner with someone you can trust, who has experience, and is passionate about prioritising you and your needs.

At Industry Insider Property, we offer expert buyer’s agent services throughout Melbourne. Hear from our happy clients (some pictured above), or find out more about who we are and what we can offer you today.

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