Navigating Real Estate: Industry Insider Property’s Frequently Asked Questions

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You asked, so we’re answering. Of all the questions the team at Industry Insider Property is asked, these are the most common. Whether you’re a property newbie or an experienced investor, this blog post clarifies some of the finer points of buyer’s advocacy for you.

By providing these valuable answers, we aim to empower you to take the next step of your property journey.

What’s the experience like when working with a buyer’s agent?

When working with a buyer’s agent, you can expect to receive phone calls about properties that aren’t publicly available. Having a full-time advocate on your side empowers you and gives you a sense of control as you search for your dream home or investment property. Purchasing real estate can be emotionally taxing and time-consuming for many people, but we remove the stress and objectively evaluate properties on your behalf.

Will we have an opportunity to meet in person?

We will meet in person when we organise and accompany you in property inspections. This is to ensure we provide thorough due diligence and guidance. For our interstate or international clients, we either meet them when they fly to Melbourne during the early stage of property hunting or when we have successfully bought the property on their behalf.

What can you find for me that I wouldn’t be able to find on my own?

With one of Melbourne’s largest real estate networks, we have access to many pre- and off-market properties. In fact, in the last 12 months, approximately 30% of properties we purchase have yet to be advertised for sale online. Selling off-market has become increasingly popular, and our network enables us to find unique opportunities that may not be available to the general public.

How early in the buying process should I contact you?

Ideally, it would be best to have your pre-approval and deposit ready before reaching out to us. However, regardless of where you are in the process, we would happily take your call and guide you through purchasing a property.

What should I consider when selecting a buyer’s agent or advocate?

When choosing a buyer’s advocate, ensuring they are registered with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria is crucial. Additionally, take the time to read reviews on Google to gain insights from their recent clients. Lastly, select a buyer’s agent who has a proven track record of successful results in the specific location where you wish to purchase.

How long does it typically take to find the right property?

Our agreements typically last for 180 days to 365 days, but in some cases, we have purchased property within 48 hours of a new client signing up. On average, the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Do I need to be residing in Melbourne to work with Industry Insider Property?

Not at all. We are currently assisting numerous investors from Sydney, and we have also helped both expat and interstate families with their relocation to Melbourne. We can discuss your needs through a simple WhatsApp or Zoom meeting, even if you’re located interstate or overseas. Check out our latest video, which shows how technology helped our Taiwan-based clients purchase their dream property while abroad!

Can you help me with selling my property, too?

Absolutely! We provide a comprehensive seller’s advisory service. Our team of skilled advocates has extensive experience in both buying and selling properties. Through our regular interactions with selling agents, we have gained valuable insights into their operations, enabling us to guide you in selecting the most suitable agent for your area.

Can I contact you anytime during the property-buying process?

We are readily accessible, offering flexible availability. Count on us to join you at open homes during weekends, ensuring your convenience. Moreover, we maintain consistent and frequent communication via text messages, email, and phone, adapting to your preferred method and specific requirements. Your preferences and needs are our top priority throughout the process.

Industry Insider is an independent buyer agent committed to helping buyers achieve their desired outcomes. Our team of experienced buyer agents can guide, execute, and deliver the best possible results for your property purchase. To save time, reduce stress, and potentially save and make money in the long run, hiring a buyer’s agent is a substantial competitive advantage.

At Industry Insider, we have a team of knowledgeable buyer’s agents ready to assist you in finding the perfect property for your budget and needs. Contact us today via phone at +61 8374 7652 or email at to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your property search.

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