Housing Price Melbourne, what you need to know!

Andrew Date buyer's agent in Melbourne posing in front of the house he bought for his international clients

Do you feel confident in your negotiation skills against real estate agents?

Do you feel nervous or pressured in your conversations with real estate agents? Real estate agents have weekly training on how to negotiate the best price for the seller. The best sales agents sell anywhere from 4-10 homes every month. They are motivated by their client, the vendor.

We have 12+ years of combined real estate and auctioneering experience, and negotiations on these matters on a daily basis. It makes sense to have your own independent professional representing your best interests.

Are you finding it difficult to assess the true value of a property?

In a property market that is declining, our ability to negotiate the purchase price increases. We have the resources, knowledge, thorough research and experience to help save you our fee in the evaluation and negotiation phase of buying property.

Don’t make the mistake of offering way more than you need to.

Can we remain anonymous while we purchase a property?

Many of our clients wish to remain completely at arm’s length to the negotiation They don’t want the agent or seller to know who they are. We can arrange the signing of non-disclosure agreements, to ensure your information remains private. 

Do you understand the potential pitfalls of bidding at auction yourself?

Did you know that the vendor (seller) can make a bid on the property they are selling? Did you know there are vendor and co-owner bids are allowed at the auction as long as the arrangements for making these bids are set out in the rules displayed before the auction starts.

Our buyer agents know the ins and outs of real estate dealings, so we can arm you with more knowledge for leverage and negotiating power.

Can you really afford not to use Industry Insider Property?

How much do you value your weekends and free time? How much is at stake with this future home or investment? With the effects of long-term stress or uncertainty, can you afford to make a poor decision?

With over 255, Five Star Google Reviews, we recommend reading our clients’ thoughts and experiences with us, and the difference we made for them. If you’re in a similar situation, we think it’s a no-brainer!

Do you feel priced out of your dream suburb?

Understanding the local markets is important to know if you can afford the suburb you are looking to buy into. We will help you save time by ensuring you’re only looking at A-grade homes that you can actually afford.

Our support, guidance and insights towards the right properties will greatly reduce your disappointment and frustration in the process.

Are you trying to buy in a rising market, but are time-poor?

If you value your time then you have come to the right people. Through strong relationships with real estate agents, our team will gain access to pre and OFF-MARKET properties that are not listed online. This allows us to access properties before the competition even see them online, so you can buy an off-market gem.

Can you stick to your budget and not let your emotions dictate your final bid?

Fallen in love with a property? Our role is to remove the emotion and ensure you don’t overpay on Auction Day. We have attended over 850 auctions; we understand the rules and have refined our auction bidding skills to ensure your price point is realistic and sensible.

We’re here to help you make the best DECISION.

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