Our expert real estate services help you with:

• Locating and evaluating houses for sale
• Negotiating property
• Buying and selling
• Auction bidding
• Vendor advocacy
• Portfolio management.

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Buyer advocate fees
With our fixed fees, you don’t have to worry about paying more than you expected. You can rest assured that we are committed to working in your best interest. That means providing the best property solutions that fit into your budget! If you are purchasing an investment property, a portion of our fee is tax deductible.

Which real estate service is for you?

Locate, Evaluate and Negotiate

Want an expert to search and negotiate property on your behalf? We will ensure that you only look at the best houses and properties available in the market.

Evaluate and Negotiate

If you’re happy to search on your own but would like advice from a professional buyer’s advocate, we can help. Our property experts can guide you through market values, help negotiate prices and save you from overpaying.

Buy and Sell

Make more informed, wiser decisions when it comes to buying a house. Rather than weaving through the complexities of property and real estate on your own, let us guide you­ ­– we understand how to maximise your sale and negotiate the best outcome for you when purchasing a new house.

Auction bidding

Remove the stress and uncertainty of the auction process. We can help prevent you from overpaying on property by discussing bidding strategies, expected reserve prices and the true values of houses for sale.

Vendor Advocacy

Make better decisions when selling your property. We offer independent advice on how to present your property, discuss the best options when marketing your house and we also negotiate a fair commission to ensure that you are not paying too much.

Portfolio Management

Don’t have the time to manage your property? Allow us to manage your real estate investment for you! We proactively market each property with proven strategies that attract the widest audience, secure the best tenants and reduce the time your property sits vacant.

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