Mornington Peninsula Buyers Agents & Buyers Advocates.

Buyer Advocates for luxury property.

At Industry Insider, we are aware of the ins and outs of buying a home, whether you are searching for an upgrade for your family, or an astute purchase to add to your investment portfolio. We will listen to your specific needs and help you with all facets of purchasing a property.

Our comprehensive buyer’s advocacy service contains everything you need to secure the best property available for your budget.

There are many reasons why you benefit from hiring a buyers advocate, including:
• Inspect properties before anyone else has the chance: We have access to a range of property listings, from independent sellers to estate agents. We’ll present them to you before they’re even listed on internet portals. This means you have an advantage over your competition.

• Save time in the long-term: With our services, you will barely have to lift a finger. Not only will we attend inspections and on your behalf, we will put in the legwork to bid on each property and negotiate a price to fit in with your budget. We objectively evaluate the property, which will help you save, time & money.  We will remove the stress involved when negotiating with selling agents.
• Our team knows the market inside and out: We have years of experience in the property industry. We have our finger on the pulse, and we share our intimate knowledge with you.

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